Best Full Size Pickup Trucks for 2019 according to

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#1 Ram 1500 -The Ram 1500 places near the top of our full-size pickup truck rankings. Its well-rounded attributes include a refined interior, a stellar tow rating, and a comfortable ride.

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#2 Ford F-150 - This truck is the total package: It's great for towing and hauling, it has a comfortable interior, and it offers plenty of user-friendly technology.

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#3 Chevy Silverado 1500 -  The Silverado features powerful engine choices and well-balanced handling, but a so-so interior keeps it from the top of the class.

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#4 GMC Sierra 1500 - The 2020 GMC Sierra finishes in the middle of our full-size truck rankings. It's powerful, composed, and comfortable, but it doesn't lead the class in any areas.

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#5 Nissan Titan- The Nissan Titan has a lot going for it, including a smooth ride and an attractive cabin. However, there are several areas where the Titan trails the competition. That's why it finishes near the bottom of our full-size pickup truck rankings.

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#5 Toyota Tundra- The Toyota Tundra has an excellent predicted reliability rating and some much needed tech updates, but those achievements can’t keep it from ranking at the bottom of the class. The Tundra has poor driving dynamics, low towing and haul capacities, and outdated cabin styling.

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